Rhodonite Necklace with Lavender Matte Pottery Pendant


Pearl and Lapis Necklace with Pottery Pendant

Rectangle Pottery Earrings (5 colors)

Triple Wrap Blue Calcite Bracelet with Pottery Charm

Hand Carved Pottery Luminary (blue) $38

Elegant Amethyst Bracelet

Heart Ceramic Earrings

Hand Carved Pottery Luminary (green) $38

Pink Pottery Pendant with Turquoise Beads

Amethyst Triple Wrap Bracelet

Blue Cat's Eye Double Wrap Bracelet

Elegant Blue Cat's Eye Bracelet

Imperial Jasper Necklace with Blue Pottery Pendant

Pink and Blue Pottery Pendant Necklace

Lavender Pottery Pendant Necklace with Rhodonite Beads $52

Imperial Jasper and Amethyst Necklace with Pottery Pendant

Mugs (3 colors-Gold/blue, pink, green)

Mug (3 colors- black/white, teal, blue)

Howlite and Turquoise Necklace with Light Blue Pottery Pendant

Light Blue Pottery Pendant Necklace with Coral and Turquoise

Long Turquoise and Coral Necklace with Light Blue Pottery Pendant

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